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Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to consider me as your handicapper. My name is Steven Golden and grew up in the Bay Area in California. I am a professional sports bettor/handicapper. For daily tweets follow @GBSportsPicks on Twitter.

First off, I want to address the biggest issue there is in the sports betting business. Trusting a handicapper. Mostly known as “Scamdicappers” I understand the value of trust. I fully acknowledge most have had a terrible experience with handicappers. My goal is to provide you with perfect customer service and show you my abilities as a professional sports bettor and as a person as well. I am a natural born leader and love my job. This is my passion and expertise. I can assure you that you are in good hands with me. I run my business with the utmost integrity and class. This is my living and only job. I am available around the clock for assistance.

It all began with my friends and I picking NFL games ATS every week. I performed well and they quickly got over losing money to me on these picks. I had a natural “keen eye” for picking winners and noticing the subtleties of the industry. So I took it to another level. I started reading betting forums and followed the “big guys” who were getting a lot of followers and comments. After a while I started posting my own picks. After 2 months of posting on these forums, I did so well that I gained a huge following that wanted my advice and more picks. This is when I decided to take sports handicapping more seriously. A couple years went by and my success continued. I knew it was what I wanted to do for a career. I applied and tested stats to Fantasy Sports before I started to go all in with sports betting. To this day, I still feel that was the best way to begin a successful life as a sports handicapper. Test out your success on a cheap no pressure platform before you enter the big leagues.

I owe most of my knowledge to failure. I’ve been through it all. Sports wagering caught my eye at the age of 13. I’ve seen everything the gambling industry has to offer. I learned from all my mistakes. I wrote those mistakes down, and I applied those mistakes to my every day capping, by eliminating the errors most bettors make over and over. My biggest asset is that I can recognize what the “right play” is when I see a spread. I have mastered the art of identifying and interpreting what the oddsmakers lines mean. The lucky part of this for YOU, is that you get to experience over 15 years of knowledge I have gained through this industry that I am willing to share with you. I’m honest, I’m straight up, I don’t over promise and I give realistic expectations to my customers. By educating my customers they understand how to handle every situation.

The big picture to me is not only provide for myself with my sports betting expertise, but also helping others achieve greatness and financial stability. Some people have it tough, and my goal is to ease their life matters. I come from humble beginnings and have been through the ringer in my life. I have a special talent and an appreciation for my job that I am using for the good of the public. Come join me in my winning success and let me prove to you why I am the most reliable, responsible and profitable Sports Handicapper in the business. My impeccable customer service is what separates me from the rest. Come join the Golden Empire family.



Make sure to check my podcast out at Under Steven Golden Radio.


Who is Steven Golden?

May 10, 2017


I was inspired to write this article because of my mother, who recently lost her job at the age of 62. My goal with this is to share part of my life story and possibly help anyone who may encounter the same situations one day and hopefully prepare anyone who is reading this for future scenarios. I also was inspired to write this because of the human emotional factor that comes with my job and dealing with the public who puts their trust in me.


Let’s get to know me. I grew up in the Bay Area in California just outside San Francisco. I have one brother and the greatest parents anyone can ask for who raised me to do things the right way. They raised me to have respect for others and to stand up for myself when something is wrong. I always live by that, and I will give you the most extreme respect if I get it in exchange. This should be a golden rule for most people. But hey, if you cross that line of disrespect, I certainly dont owe you respect in return. These go hand in hand. I collected Beanie Babies, Pokemon cards and baseball cards as a kid. (still have them) I am an avid sports fan and grew up in an athletic family. My path was a bit different than theirs. My path choice included breaking down stats and interpreting why things happen in sports and forecasting the future of sporting events. I went to church on Sundays growing up, although now my church is NFL Sunday. Throughout my life I have served food at homeless shelters as a volunteer to make sure I keep a good perspective on my life.


At 13 years old my brother introduced me to to Fantasy Baseball. I had seen him constantly on it for years and I finally wanted a piece of it. Little did he know by inviting me into his league, this young buck was hungry to show people I’m not just a little 13 year old pushover. I was always overlooked growing up. For some reason, the way I did things, the way i handled things and the way I carried myself was very easy. I didnt show much emotion in sports. I didnt smile much after success. I carried myself like a pro. Even when I was a young teen. One of my first baseball coaches called me “Smoothie” because he said I played sports like it was business and it came natural to me. He always told me to have more fun and to smile more. Growing up, I wish I had stopped and smelled the roses a bit more. Stopped, looked around and just really take in the moment. Eventually I learned to do this.


Senior year of high school I was still in a close knit group of friends. I was “cool” with everyone as a jock, yet preferred my close circle of friends I had been friends with for 6-10 years before high school. We stuck together, and still do to this day. I started a wiffle ball league when I was younger, right across the street from my friend’s house. I even created a minor league for the younger kids in the neighborhood. I kept track of everyone’s stats on a big piece of cardboard. Oh, the good days. I still remember my “famous catch” leaping above the fence and reaching back with one hand full extension and robbing the game winning home run. Reminiscent of myself broadcasting my own games in my living room when I was a little kid. I was the pitcher, the batter AND the fielders. My imagination was bizarre. I wanted to be a broadcaster growing up. (I actually did radio for high school basketball games while in college as an internship).


Prom was a couple weeks away and I was never a huge school dance guy. My friends all had dates but I certainly didnt care to have one. One day in class, a girl did not have a date. She sat behind in Hospitality class. Her name was Raquel. She was bummed because she didnt have a date and wanted to go to prom. I asked, how does this girl not have a date? As she was very attractive, yet extremely quiet with not many friends. I told her I would go with her. She gave me a huge smile and said, “OH MY GOD, YES.” Now, I was no gift from god, but I saw the joy in her smile and it hit me at that moment that I enjoy helping other people. To this day, I believe I am a handicapper because of that moment. My wanting to help others (although the rough times come of course).


In college I came out of my shell a bit more sophomore year. I lived with a kid named Mike and 2 others. One I swear is a vampire. Mike became my best friend in college that year. He was a sports guru like me and loved betting on sports. We were terrible. $5 bets down the drain over and over. Still remember Dunleavy missed a free throw with 1 second left to end the first half in which I had a whopping $25 on. It lost me the bet. Damn you, MIke Dunleavy. Oh how things have changed. I was a stats whiz ever since I was 13 years old when my brother introduced me to fantasy sports. Now, I was never a “genius” with math, but I was obsessive interpreting and finding out why a line is what it is. I had never bet big until junior year of college. I was 20 years old and I started posting on betting forums. My friend Mike and I would always laugh at how funny the forum was. The names, the complaining, the fighting, the stress of losing. Everything. It was very entertaining. I decided to test the waters and create a username. I wanted to test my talents and really start to dig into this “betting thing” I had been researching since 13 years old. I had become a fantasy sports expert by this time. I had won 11 league championships in a row with friends in a small period of time. I bragged so much about it that I quickly became the “oh god here he goes” guy at all events. I like to think of it as sharing the swag. It was all in fun, and my buddies and I would smack talk until dawn. It was always a competition.


I did very well on forums posting free picks. Eventually I felt I should charge for these picks. I had a following. I exceeded my own expectations. Maybe this is something I could do for some good money? I won 18 straight games, yes 18 straight. Soon I got more money than I could handle. I started betting $20 a game. I won 5 straight and went to $50. Won 5 more and went to $150. Won 5 more and started betting $300 a game. It got up to $500 then $1,000, then $2,500. Before I knew it, I had won $10,000 in a week and a half. I couldnt believe it. I had laser focus. THIS is what gave me the confidence to start a business.


The business was on the side at first at 20 years old while I was in school. Eventually I graduated and got a job, but hated it. I did it for 3 years and then realized I was miserable. I wanted to spend more time at my side hustle which was making me more money than my actual career. I quit and built up my following as much as possible. Word spread and I got noticed. All forums knew me. Friends wanted a piece of it. Eventually it became something I loved to do and something I saw myself doing the rest of my life. Through the ups and downs, I managed to make this a career. I finally stopped working part time at a local food delivery service, where I had ran daily operations. I decided this was it. I had been doing it already anyways, but at this time I wanted to have it be my only job. I took a chance and bet on myself. I was desperate and hungry to become something. I wanted to do something I loved that I could help people at. Not only with money, but with learning and sharing my knowledge, hoping it could lead to good life habits. That has always been a main drive for me. Best decision I ever made and here I am still doing it, knocking on wood every day and pinching myself.


Along the way I had relationships that didnt work out because of my work. I simply was too engaged and cared to build my business over love at the time. After a few years I learned to slow down a bit and appreciate those around me. My mom always said, “take interest in people who take interest in you.” Sometimes I forget that in the midst of it all. I had relationships with some great girls, who taught me a lot. The main things I learned were to put family and loved ones first, before anything. My old girlfriend told me the night we broke up, “please never let the pain of work affect your relationships with those who love you.” This was the final thing she said to me. It stuck with me, and Im thankful it did. This girl also taught me you must treat a woman a certain way. You must engage them, give them attention, put them first, set alone time without electronics, plan special events, buy them flowers, be spontaneous, listen closely, and make it known their time is not being wasted.


People who know me know how serious I take my job. They worry about me a lot. They think I am crazy to be so “obsessed” with researching and finding edges to win. They think im crazy to care so much about my customers that I dont even know and have never met. Behind the scenes, I care deeply. When there’s a slump, trust me, I am feeling the wrath of it. I wake up to hateful messages daily during these streaks. It pains me to have affected one’s life negatively. The only thing I can do is to move on to the next day and focus my energy on the next pick. I have learned to live in the moment and try not to dwell as much. What’s done is done, and nobody will change the result of a finished game. All we can do is move on. I have learned to focus my energy on what is important. Haters, naysayers, poisonous people, they just dont affect me anymore. I just hit that BLOCK button and go about my business. Of course, it’s always a little fun to throw in a nice little parting gift tweet. As I said before, I give respect to those who give it to me. Messaging me “shitty day, not surprised. I need you to pick it up.” This is beyond ineffective. We both need the players to execute. I can only control the research. Effort is never involved. Remember, if you win 55% of your bets, prepare to lose 45%. Long term mentality. Please remember we both want to win. I am not some schmuck off the streets throwing darts. This is my living. I lose, I dont get renewals. I lose, I make less money, on top of losing on my actual bets. Please keep this in mind. If I could hit 100% I would, trust me.


Recently, I was likely minutes away from death. It was the scariest moment of my life. I still am foggy about how it all came about. Somehow, someway, bad posture, neck cracking and neck bending finally came to haunt me. The pain was unbearable. I could not move. My arm became numb, and had passed out. I was lucky enough to have someone with me at the time. After this an ambulance was called on 911 and It felt like a movie scene. I could barely breathe, and I was confused on what was going on. My entire arm was numb and filled with incredible pressure as if it were going to burst. The pain got so bad I couldnt take anymore and was ready to go. The ambulance crew said had it been a few more minutes or nobody with me, it was likely I would have died. I had a narrowing in my spinal cord that pinched my nerves and caused a shortage of blood circulating in my body. This caused breathing struggles and drenched sweat. The ER took care of me and healed my pain. The only thing I could think of was “I need to let my customers know what’s going on so they arent confused in morning that they didnt hear from me.” That is how much I care. Luckily a close friend was able to pass along my updates while in hospital bed, and brought my computer so I could handicap per usual. Betting never sleeps. I now am a huge advocate of ergonomic lifestyle. Chairs, computers, keyboards, desks that help with posture and natural healthy body positions. Side note, i also burned my hand terribly bad (second degree burn) just days after this and I now keep neosporin and burn bandages in the house at all times. Highly recommend this.


As I get older, I appreciate the people who I am close to more and more. One thing I do regret is not patching up relationships with friends. One comes to mind. If only one of us had just reached out and apologized…Please dont make this mistake of letting a friend go over petty stuff. People mess up. Nobody is perfect. People deserve a second chance.


My finances are not just for me anymore. I am fighting for my family. I came from humble beginnings and a family that was always on a tight budget. I told my mom I was going to the NBA so I can save them. She cried. I was 8 years old. That didnt work out, but I did become pro at one thing, and I love every day of it, well, besides the cold streaks of course. I have made a comfortable living at something I love to do. It means a lot to me that I can provide for my family and for those who really need it. I learned my purpose in life is to use my platform for good and to help people. Remember I WANT to help you. Please soak up my knowledge.


From how I grew up, to relationships, to career, to future planning, I have always kept a level head through it all. I encourage everyone to stop wasting energy on things that don’t matter, as we only get one shot at this. Travel, try new things, take big risks, do things that make you uncomfortable. You might just come out alive and better off. That’s what I did. I hope my story helps you understand who I am as a person, and not just a handicapper. Remember, my job is not who I am, it’s simply what I choose to do. My life’s work of successful results over the years has proven to be helpful to the sports betting community. Yes, there’s ups and downs, and nasty streaks where you cant hit the backside of a barn, but in the end, success never comes over night. It comes over time. Just like in anything. Please reach out to me for any advice or help on any subject. I would love to answer your questions and be a mentor. Thank you for reading. Best of luck to all.


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