Joey Dimes

The name is Joey Dimes. For me this all started out at a young age. Growing up I spent much time playing and watching sports, which quickly laid the foundation for my passion in the sports industry. I spent time studying and developing a deeper and more thorough understanding of sports as well as gathering insight that continues to reinforce my passion. 

From how various injuries commonly recover to change in altitude effecting players stamina, I’ve studied it all. My passion and evolved perspective on sports quickly turned into an avenue for personal income when a few buddies decided we were to start making weekly bets in college. When I realized there was more to my winning count piling up then just luck, I was convinced I needed to take this skill further.

My trajectory is fueled by a decade of development that has allowed me to successfully implement the evolving program in which I utilize today. Powered by passion, I am grateful to be able to say that what I once considered a hobby is now my profession. Through my system, I will consistently produce daily winners. Allow me to lead you in the right direction when betting sports and I believe we can start making you a profit today.

Above all, I value my clients and work to see their success. If at any point in this journey to a higher financial status you find yourself uneasy or confused please contact me. I love hearing from clients and would love to provide support. Make the jump and let’s start making you money!